Graphic design for authors and their books


UPKEEP (basic maintenance)  $25/month

Plugins, themes and even WordPress itself constantly come out with updates. Sometimes these updates include fixes to bugs, patches to security vulnerabilities and/or additions of new features. That’s why it’s imperative to maintain your website and keep everything up to date. Basic Maintenance includes: updates to plugins, updates to theme, updates to WordPress, backups, debugging any errors that may arise and restoring backups if needed.


DO IT FOR ME (content updates) $85/month

Don’t want to make updates to your site yourself or just don’t have the time? I can do it for you! Send me your updates and I’ll post it to your site for you. If your website has a blog and includes featured images, then you can choose an image from Limit one image per blog post.

Updates are made as soon as possible, but depending on work load, updates may not be completed on the same day received. Please allow up to 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Please plan accordingly if you need the update done on a certain date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will not write any of the content myself. I will copy and paste the content that’s given to me.

Includes up to 2 hours of work per month (valued at $160). Additional hours will be priced at a discounted rate of $65/hour. Minimum 2 months which is paid in advance. Includes everything in the UPKEEP option (basic maintenance).


BY THE HOUR (occasional updates) $80/hour

If you need help updating your website only once in a blue moon, then this option is for you.

Updates are priced by the hour. Work done is prorated by the quarter hour so if your update takes 15 minutes or less then your total would be $20. $20 is the minimum cost for an update. That amount is due before the updates are made. The remaining payment, if any, is billed after the update has been completed.

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